Why Choose Spectra?

Did you know that when buying a Spectra pump you get an Innovative, More Efficient, More Comfortable, More Hygenic and, of course, a very Affordable pump?

Spectra pumps are the #1 recommended breast pumps by lactation consultants and moms worldwide.

Developed by lactation consultants in 1999, Spectra products are now available in over 35 countries.

Our breast pumps are distinguished by:

  • Their Hospital Strength and Higher Suction Power that is also so soft it resembles a baby’s suckling
  • Their Closed System (hygienic for both moms and babies, a feature missing from many very well-known brands)
  • Their Extra Quiet Motor (if you’ll be pumping near a sleeping baby, a quiet breast pump like Spectra might be important for you)
  • Their Adjustable Suction levels and Massage mode (provide a more personalized pumping experience and a more natural flow of milk)

Spectra Awards