Pump Rental

Because we know many mommies may not want to purchase a new pump or may just want to try our award winner pumps before buying one, we offer our speCtra rental service.

Our S1 plus and S2 plus models are both available for rent.

Rental unit consists of the motor and adapter.

For hygienic reasons, the pumps accessory kit needs to be purchased separately (priced at 53$ and available in 5 different sizes).

500,000 LL security deposit is required and will be refunded to the customer upon returning the rental.

The customer needs to pick up and drop off back her rental at our Jounieh location (a shipping option with Wakilni exists, the customer will handle the 2 way shipping fees for a total of 44,000LL).

Our S1s rental rate is 20,000 LL/day while S2 is available for 15,000 LL/day.

Minimum rental duration is 2 weeks. Maximum rental duration is 1 month.